Who We Are

The Correctional Security Network, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides a forum for training, education and research for professionals working in adult prisons, jails, community corrections, and juvenile justices agencies.

CSN accomplishes its mission by developing and delivering national and regional training conferences, providing professional training seminars, and technical assistance.

We are always interested in organizing networking events where ideas, training and research can be shared, refined and developed into best practices that enhance public, staff and offender safety and security.

Director's Message

posted: 05/12/2014 - 11:50

I am announcing my resignation as Executive Director of the Correctional Security Network. As many of you know I have served as Executive Director since January of 2013 and as a board member for several years prior to that. I am honored to have represented CSN and work with the professionals we serve. It was my intent to serve as Executive Director through the 2014 CSN Conference, however, as you know that conference was cancelled when PADOC removed their funding last week.

Get Published on CSN

Get Published on CSNIf you would like to share information with other Correctional Security Professionals, CSN is providing a forum to do so. We are soliciting articles from the field that focus on cutting edge information, training ideas, case studies, and other topics that can serve as a resource to our colleagues. We are especially looking for those “Unturned Stone” type topics that are usually identified as a result of extensive planning and incident debriefing. Since this forum is designed for sharing resources and information, we ask that you do not submit copyrighted or other protected material for publication on our website. Please submit your original articles to joe@correctionalsecurity.org or use the online articles submit form.